Human Writes is a non-profit, humanitarian organisation which  befriends people on death row in the USA
There are prisoners on Death Rows all over the States who are in need of help to live like a human being for the time they are here.
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In Memorium of Prisoners Executed in the United States
In memoriam of prisoners executed in the United States

Prisoners executed in the United States in 2016


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Postcards for sale

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I Just Want To Stay

"The volunteers of Human Writes seek to hold out the hand of friendship to men and women facing the death penalty. I am pleased to encourage them in their writing"
Most Reverend and Rt Hon George L Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

"No matter its circumstances, dying is one of the most important things we ever do. I applaud all who offer compassion and hope to those facing death, especially in the terrible circumstances of Death Row. May God bless your work."
His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster

A Prisoner Testimonial : "I already answered Sally's first letter, but not just a letter of words. I wrote letting her know I want to be her friend forever. I can already see she is a very sweet person, full of smiles and happiness and my heart is very full of care and respect for her."

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Prisoners executed in the United States in 2009

Name US State Date of Execution
Curtis Moore Texas 14 January 2009
James Callahan Alabama 15 January 2009
Frank Moore Texas 21 January 2009
Darwin Brown Oklahoma 22 January 2009
Reginald Perkins Texas 22 January 2009
Virgil Martinez Texas 28 January 2009
Ricardo Ortiz Texas 29 January 2009
Steve Henley Tennessee 04 February 2009
David Martinez Texas 04 February 2009
Dale Scheanette Texas 10 February 2009
Wayne Tompkins Florida 11 February 2009
Danny Bradley Alabama 12 February 2009
Johnny Johnson Texas 12 February 2009
Edward Bell Virginia 19 February 2009
Luke Williams South Carolina 20 February 2009
Willie Pondexter Texas 03 March 2009
Kenneth Morris Texas 04 March 2009
James Martinez Texas 10 March 2009
Robert Newland Georgia 10 March 2009
Luis Salazar Texas 11 March 2009
Michael Rosales Texas 15 April 2009
Jimmy Dill Alabama 16 April 2009
William Mize Georgia 29 April 2009
Derrick Johnson Texas 30 April 2009
Thomas Ivey South Carolina 08 May 2009
Willie McNair Alabama 14 May 2009
Donald Gilson Oklahoma 14 May 2009
Michael Riley Texas 19 May 2009
Dennis Skillicorn Missouri 20 May 2009
Terry Hankins Texas 02 June 2009
Daniel Wilson Ohio 03 June 2009
Jack Trawick Alabama 11 June 2009
Michael DeLozier Oklahoma 09 July 2009
John Fauntenberry Ohio 14 July 2009
Marvallous Keene Ohio 21 July 2009
Jason Getsy Ohio 19 August 2009
John Marek Florida 19 August 2009
Stephen Moody Texas 16 September 2009
Christopher Coleman Texas 22 September 2009
Max Payne Alabama 08 October 2009
Mark McClain Georgia 20 October 2009
Reginald Blanton Texas 27 October 2009
Khristian Oliver Texas 05 November 2009
Yosvanis Valle Texas 10 November 2009
John Muhammad Virginia 10 November 2009
Larry Elliot Virginia 17 November 2009
Danielle Simpson Texas 18 November 2009
Robert Thompson Texas 19 November 2009
Cecil Johnson Tennessee 02 December 2009
Bobby Woods Texas 03 December 2009
Kenneth Biros Ohio 08 December 2009
Matthew Wrinkles Indiana 11 December 2009


Human Writes Patrons

"The very essence of the death penalty is to tell people that they are somehow sub-human, not fit to live. Yet even those people I have represented who did what they were accused of - a surprisingly limited number - have always been much better people than their worst fifteen minutes, as are we all. Those who recognise this by reaching out to the men and women on death row are true heroes, though I suspect they gain as much as they give to the relationship."
Clive Stafford Smith OBE, Founder of Reprieve and Patron, Human Writes

"As a journalist who has lived and worked in the United States, the horror of death row is one of the issues that never leaves you. The thread of humanity that Human Writes manages to sustain with men and women on death row is a profound contribution to keep alive the hope of life. Capital punishment is now on the retreat in America, but the numbers awaiting their fate are still very considerable. I am very honoured to have become a Patron of Human Writes and will hope to do my best to put my shoulder to the wheel".
Jon Snow Broadcaster and journalist, Patron, Human Writes

"In such an inhuman system small moments of human contact make a big difference. That's why I support Human Writes and why I would encourage you to do the same."
Gary Younge, Author and US-based feature writer for the Guardian, Patron, Human Writes

"I know what it is like to live in a cell for decades and feel that the whole world hates you. I never expected to be able to live again as a contributing member of a community. Prison life was precarious and unpredictable but I met people who worked there who wanted to help me and people like me - and I'm lucky that I live in a society graceful enough to offer me a second chance. At least I had hope. Hope for many of the people supported by Human Writes has all but been extinguished. Letters to people on Death Row let them know that however low they may have fallen, they are still human beings. They still have value and are worth caring about and letters might just help to keep hope alive. That is why I am honoured to have been invited to be a patron."
Erwin James, author and Guardian columnist, Patron, Human Writes